Furniture Feet & Parts

At Custom CNC Routing, we can duplicate or create any style, size or type of furniture feet, legs and other parts you may need. This is the only place you need to search to find the ideal feet and legs for your furniture build or restoration project.

If you are in the furniture construction business, we can help you get the parts you need, regardless of how many you need. All of our parts are crafted from kiln dried hardwoods, and our table, sofa and chair legs, and feet, can be customized to your unique specifications – regardless of how “out there” you may think they are.

We Can Customize Just About Anything

In the past, we have crafted a number of different styles of furniture feet and legs. We can easily fulfill your order, even if you need hundreds or even thousands of a specific style or part. Our experienced craftsman can easily create parts of any size, made from a variety of woods including maple walnut, oak, and cherry, to name a few.

Why Choose Custom CNC Routing For Your Custom Furniture Legs, Feet, and Parts?

We offer:
  • An unlimited selection of custom design capabilities.
  • Unmatched quality in the industry.
  • Trusted value.
  • Guarantees with each product we create.
  • Customer testimonials.

If you have difficult furniture parts to manufacture or need a quality price commpetative US source for chair legs and sofa feet , then contacting us is a must. We will use your specifications to create the furniture legs, feet or another part you need to complete your project. Contact Custom CNC Routing today to learn more about the services we offer.

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